Thursday, November 14, 2013

To-Do-List Success Tip

Do you live by your to-do list? Do you feel great when you cross off an item, and go to bed feeling you failed as you remember all the items that didn't get done?
Here's your success tip for today.  Move your to-do list into your planner.  

Re-do it!
Select each item and schedule both a beginning and ending time for it.  When you have to-do's on a list, they drain your energy by looming over you.
When they are scheduled, they become a manageable part of your day or week.  (They don't all have to get done today!)
The secret is to honor your appointments that you have now made with yourself.  Treat your scheduled to-do as an appointment with a trusted advisor - don't just no show.  Acknowledge and re-schedule a better time.

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