Thursday, February 27, 2014

Say "Yes" your kids

Are you tired of sounding like a drill sergeant or tyrant?  Every now and then, stop and hear your voice as your children do.  How often are you saying "No!", sighing in disgust, rolling your eyes, or throwing up your hands in surrender?
Probably, if you're like most parents...too often!
For today, add more "YES" to your diet.  Say yes to your children's questions and see how our day unfolds.  (Of course, use your own "parental guidance" to determine if Yes is completely out of the question.)
Otherwise, go for it and see what good comes your way!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Freedom From Family

Honest parents realize they need a break from their kids and even their mate at times.  Time away from your family is a time to feel the freedom of being alive, freedom to be yourself - without your role of mom, wife, dad or husband. 
How will you hit your refresh button?  Be sure to keep your self-care in the forefront of your awareness as you step into your freedom from family.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Take 5: Do These and Finish February Feeling Fantastic!

To energize your mid-winter burst out of hibernation –mode take these simple steps:

1.        Find 5 minutes in the morning before your breakfast to do leg lifts, squats, pushups and plank.  Feel your heart come alive.  Start your day warmed up and burning fat.

2.      Find an area in your home or office that you’ve neglected.  Set the timer on your cell phone for 5 minutes.  In that time, sort, purge and put away what needs to be addressed.  This small cleansing will refresh your day!

3.      Are you a mom or dad?  Tell your child 5 affirming things today.  Affirm their choice of clothing, or commend them on getting ready on time. Keep a mental list and be sure to affirm 5 times before bed time.

4.      In a love relationship?  You know the drill.  5 times today, affirm your spouse or mate.  Crowd out the urge to pick on them, and verbalize the good that you notice.

5.      Before bed, grab a notebook and list 5 things about yourself for which you are thankful.  You can choose from your physical body, your mental abilities or your emotional capacity.  Write down 5.   

       And have sweet dreams.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Your Reaction Makes all the Difference

Do you start the day with gratitude and a sense of calm and confidence?  That is my daily objective and what I share with the precious clients that I work with.  A mental expression of gratitude upon waking sets the tone for your day.  A choice to be calm and confident, so that you can address events as they come your way is empowering.
Then, your kids wake up!

Are all attempts at peace and presence lost?  Could be.  It's up to you.
Your reaction makes all the difference.
Can  you choose to respond to your child, rather than react?  Can you calm the frustration and anxiety that is building in you as you rush through your morning?  There are tools to get to this place of calm.

Try stepping out of the room and do some conscious breathing for starters.  Then leave "reaction" behind and choose to respond.