Friday, December 13, 2013

Are You in Control?

When it comes to your kids, you can’t control them.  You can only control you.  You can imagine all you want them to be, do and have.  You can wish and hope and cajole.  You can nag and scold, and punish. 
In your experience, what changes when you do these things?

I know from my life and work experience – what changes is your stress level. 
You become more stressed, because all the wishing and hoping and lecturing you invest, will not bring about change in your child.
If only you could control them with a push of a button!
You know it.  Change comes from within. So what can you do to support positive changes in your child while keeping your sanity and restoring something like peace in your home?

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Can you get comfortable with Good Enough?

We purchased our beautiful Christmas tree last weekend and decided to set it up and string the lights.  Because it was Sunday, we decided to wait until this coming weekend to hang the tinsel and ornaments and complete the process.
Personally, I was able to relax into this half-done project and be comfortable with it.  However, I know for many such a situation is a source of daily stress.
Here's the gift in what's "good enough," but less than perfect.
Displaying 2013-12-05_10-56-37_185.jpg
Today, I returned home to find our tree had toppled!  
I am so happy and grateful we had not yet adorned it with ornaments!  What can you be grateful for today, that is not "good enough" for your standard of perfection?

Monday, December 2, 2013

Visualize for Less Stress

To make it through an intense workout this morning, I decided to close my eyes and visualize water.  I chose to visualize water flowing through and around smooth round stones.  As I kept my mind’s eye upon the water moving, I was able to get through my workout with less stress, and I did not give up on the challenge!
Water takes on all forms:  solid, liquid, and vapor.  It comprises 70% of the Earth’s surface.  Use the power of water to bring you stress relief.  Take a moment to close your eyes and visualize the ease with which water flows.  As you do this, invite ease into your life.  You will reduce your stress level and increase your opportunity for success.
Visualize water in the form that speaks to you!