Thursday, February 20, 2014

Take 5: Do These and Finish February Feeling Fantastic!

To energize your mid-winter burst out of hibernation –mode take these simple steps:

1.        Find 5 minutes in the morning before your breakfast to do leg lifts, squats, pushups and plank.  Feel your heart come alive.  Start your day warmed up and burning fat.

2.      Find an area in your home or office that you’ve neglected.  Set the timer on your cell phone for 5 minutes.  In that time, sort, purge and put away what needs to be addressed.  This small cleansing will refresh your day!

3.      Are you a mom or dad?  Tell your child 5 affirming things today.  Affirm their choice of clothing, or commend them on getting ready on time. Keep a mental list and be sure to affirm 5 times before bed time.

4.      In a love relationship?  You know the drill.  5 times today, affirm your spouse or mate.  Crowd out the urge to pick on them, and verbalize the good that you notice.

5.      Before bed, grab a notebook and list 5 things about yourself for which you are thankful.  You can choose from your physical body, your mental abilities or your emotional capacity.  Write down 5.   

       And have sweet dreams.