Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Things are Not as They Appear

Reminder of  an Ink-Jet Explosion!

Recently, our old inkjet printer decide to explode ink all over our new pine filing cabinet.  This brought an unexpected turn of events to the day. 
There was lots of black gooey clean up to be tackled, and then the research to learn about removing the stains.  Ultimately, it was a baking-soda and water scrub that removed a large portion of the ink.  
The lesson occurred when I tried to select our alternate printer, the one we use for printing photos, as our go-to printer.  I could not get the computer to recognize the printer, nor could my family members. I was baffled how unplugging and discarding one printer, could cause the other to malfunction.  The longer I stayed in this place, the more frustrated I became.  I called Canon to get some help, but they were closed on the weekend. 
Then, my son suggested that maybe when we upgraded the wi-fi, we never set up the Canon printer on the new wi-fi.  I thought that was a great idea, but was doubtful because we had updated the wi-fi some time ago.  
However, as I muddled my way through the Canon printer functions, I selected the option to pair with the computers via wi-fi, and the printer connected and is working fine!
The moral of this (sorry) long story is, things do are not as they appear to be.  What looks like reality, the problem, the struggle, may simply require a new look from a different point of view. Since the ink exploded on my new furniture, I have been reminded many times to shift my point of view, away from what IS to what may be possible..  I have a lovely stain to remind me.

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