Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Cool Down List

The summer heat has hit the east coast.  Here are my ideas to keep you cool, in body, mind and spirit:
1.  Eat more raw food.  Spiralizing summer squash and tossing it in with a raw tomato sauce or ginger peanut dressing makes an amazing meal.  If you don't have a spiralizer, then use a veggie peeler and peel away your summer squash.  Simply blend some fresh tomatoes, balsamic vinegar and basil for a cool refreshing sauce.  Add other spices as you see fit.  
2.  Take that pause.  When you are in relationship with another, remind yourself to respond rather than react.  Keep a cool touchstone in your pocket - such as a smooth stone or sea shell.  Use your touch stone as a reminder to keep your cool, breath, key in and then respond.
3.  Visualize it.  Take 2 minute in the morning before setting off into your day.  Imagine yourself being and doing all that you wish to accomplish in an ideal way.  Feel the feelings that you want to experience, just in that moment.  


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